• Ideal for larger activations and big-scale events
  • Functional, practical and mobile
  • Possibilities are endless!

Our most popular model in terms of creating an impression, the Element Space 40ft are sure to attract attention and allow for extra creativity and possibilities. Big events require big measures!


  • Floor space first level: 920 sf
  • Floor space second level: 230 sf
  • Total surface: 1150 sf
  • Weight: 28 000 lbs with 500 lbs of furniture

Once unfolded, these units converted into a sizable promotional space providing over 1000 sq. ft of footprint. Possibilities are endless on top as well as we can use an exterior staircase leading to a 240 sq. ft terrace or other options. This unit provides double the space of a popular 20ft unit and is ideal for larger activation and big-scale events.

Indeed, popup container shop it can transform into a dance club, a bar, a concert venue and stage, a VIP lounge, a mobile boutique, and even into a mobile restaurant. The use of billboards and platforms to display vehicles or other equipment on top of the unit allows you to create an even bigger impact if desired. Bigger does not mean more complicated. The Element Space 40ft unit remains functional, practical and mobile compared to smaller units… it just takes on bigger challenges!





  • Quick setup of using our unique handling system
  • Unit designed to promote your brand, lounge area and an incredible customer experience
  • Independent power management using a powerful generator
  • Fully wrapped unit and billboard on top for maximum brand exposure
  • Unique lighting design and setup to attract customers and an incredible atmosphere


  • Trendy and Urban
  • Mobile structure
  • Modular and interchangeability allows for inside/outside set-ups and changeable fixtures, furnishings and branding
  • Attract attention and increase the number of interactions by at least 25%!
  • Unique transportation system designed for safety, quick deployment, effortless handling and reduced costs
  • Generate high media visibility during activation, transportation and even when closed on location
  • Quick set-up and easy storage
  • Minimal staff required for safe deployment and cost savings
  • Environmentally friendly approach Using brand new shipping container, free from any toxic painting and material, will not create much construction waste
  • Automatic opening and leveling system By using the hydraulic system to control the open and close by press button
  • Custom and unique designs and branding that can be fully self-sufficient with electricity and water
  • Technology ready environment for WiFi, RFID, A/V, giant LEDs, broadcasting, touch-screens, interactive photo-booth and other solutions
  • Custom furniture, table,chair, bar counter and anything you need