Modular Architecture

Multi Unit Modular Public buildings Modular shipping container hotel, Modular student apartments,Modular dormitory building,Modular shopping mall building,Modular shipping container Supermarket building, Creative Commercial Street,Residential building....... Modular Motel ( Australia) 2.4M Wide 40ft (102 Units) Construction area: 1800 ( sqm ) Layers: 2 ( layers ) Time consuming: 2 ( months ) Modular Affordable Housing 2.4M Wide 40ft (228 Units) Construction…

Single Unit Modular Homes

Single Unit modular homes incorporate environmentally friendly materials and building practices to ensure that your home is sustainable and built to the highest quality standards.

40Feet Pop-Up Container Shop

Element Space 40ft pop-up container unit are sure to attract attention and allow for extra creativity and possibilities. Big events require bigg measures!