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What is the average cost of a build?

Are you building a container home with large windows or a small on-site construction office? The cost per square foot varies due to the customization of your structure. It’s best to give us a call to go over exactly what you are looking for, so we can give you a quote.

Is delivery and set up difficult?

Not at all! We can deliver quickly and the containers are easy to transport on either a flatbed semi or in a container trailer. They are also easy to unload. Once unloaded, it takes less than an hour to get everything set up.

Can you deliver internationally?

Absolutely! We have no problem working on your project anywhere in the world.

Once my unit is set up, can I move it somewhere else later if I want to?

Of course!  element space unit are easy to move and re-install anywhere you choose.

Am I able to have running water and electricity?

Yes, element space unit can connect to water, waste, and electric in a few short minutes. All outlets in the unit are 110-380 volt.

What about cable and internet?

Both of these wiring options are available if you choose. Actual service is proved by your local internet access company.

What type of foundation is required for a permanent residence?

You can place a element space unit on a full concrete foundation with direct connection for sewer or raise the unit on a four pier concrete support. When using the pier system, be sure to include cable anchors.

Does it have air conditioning? What about heat?

Not only are they insulated to protect against heat and cold with 6 inch thick insulated walls, they also have both electric air-conditioning and electric heat.

Are element space built to code?

Yes! We build element space units to the International Building Code – IBC.

Will I be secure in a element space unit?

Yes! Our element space are very safe and secure. They are both water and windproof, functional, tested for quality, WI with high quality construction materials. You will also get an all-inclusive one-year warranty with your purchase.

How can I learn more about what you do?

Give us a call! We can even set up a tour of the units we have on site for you.

Didn’t find the answer?

If you have any questions, please give me a message, I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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container house design

1. Business Negotiation    2. Design Drawing

We provide a complete set of container house design services, including: graphic drawings, 3d rendering, construction drawings, etc.

container house production

3. Steel Structure Production

Element Space Inc is engaged in producing the steel frame with years of experience. From design to the completed products, we are strict to follow all the process instruction. With the skillful and professional craft, our products gain the high appreciation from our clients. We trust we will be your best choice.

container house decoration

4. Decoration Production

External wall thickness is more than 200mm, filled with PU, rock wool, glass wool, etc. and fire proof plasterboard for internal wall. Compared with the ordinary residential building insulation, excellent heat insulation performance, energy-saving effects is very obvious, very suitable for the cold climate of the Arctic circle.

container  house Shipment Packing

5. Shipment Packing

Every container is strengthened to be solid, waterproof and crashproof before shipment so as to avoid damage during transportation and to guarantee the integrity of our container house by making sure the interior decoration and fitments arrive in a good condition at the destination port.